Secure VIP transport protection with escorts and vehicles. Lots of prominent people trust and choose the services of 3 GS SECURITY for their personal protection. For their safe transport the company provides special equipped transportation, while the staff are trained in possible risk scenarios for each case separately.

VIP Transfer Protection provides active and retired law enforcement officers to provide executive protection/bodyguard services to clients who require security services. VIP Transfer Protection is also uniquely designed to provide luxury transportation for our security conscious clients who are constantly on the move & require such transportation. Our services are designed to serve C level executives, dignitaries & public figures.

Our licensed and insured security drivers are trained to escort public figures through paparazzi and fan distractions at airports. Additionally we’ve developed relationships with airport staff to assist us to discreetly and swiftly escort public figures through their facilities.

When security threats do arise our security driver’s main objective is to remove the client from a dangerous situation to a safe location.

We also provide services for the following:

  • Security Driver Unarmed
  • Conference/Trade Show Transportation
  • Special Event Transportation
  • Asset Protection/Employee Transport
  • Precious stones/gems escorts and transports.
  • Private and Corporate clients
  • Airport Services – Meet & Greet