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Safety of shopping centers

The security of shopping centers is a difficult sector because in most shopping centers access from the outside environment as well as the risk of sabotage is possible 24 hours a day. The 3 GS SECURITY with its expertise and knowledge in security studies with the latest technology can make it possible and advice you for the best and possible solution.


Recognized frameworks and preparation processes were considered and adopted in the establishment of the present service and safety standards for shopping centers. The Standards’ assessment criteria are divided into 2 sections as follows:

  • Assessment criteria for an establishment’s basic characteristics
  • Assessment criteria for service and safety standards for shopping centers consists of 5 components:
    • Building preparedness
    • Service quality
    • Organization management
    • Safety management
    • Environmental and community responsibility


  • To provide guidelines for the development and assessment of the service and safety standards of shopping centers.
  • To raise the service and safety standards of shopping centers for tourism
  • To promote the positive image and enhance the competitive edge of the tourism industry.
  • To provide the knowledge that relevant personnel can use to promote efficient operation of shopping centers for tourism.
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